Mother Nature provides humans with the privilege of copious technologies. These are constantly tested in eons of times, over countless stresses, through the natural way of evolution, selection and adaptation. Her nature-based technology has provided the human mind, body, and spirit with the means of maintaining wellness, whilst providing the interactions with all the best things that she has to offer.

The Nature of Indonesia, both land and water, give humans the gift of various unique products, ranging from medicines, enzyme technologies, nutrition, building materials and many more, are all sourced from her rich biodiversity.

However, the expansion of the  economy has made humans to forget Nature’s strengths and gifts. Many of her pristine resources have also too been depleted.

Nature has been sacrificed, leading to imbalances of the ecosystem that produce man-made technologies and its derivatives. For example, the anthropogenic carbon footprint has caused the exacerbation of carbon release to the extent where climate change very apparent and is felt globally. This has led to the threat of losing Nature’s resources for the future breakthroughs, innovations and discoveries.

Nature-based technologies are the cornerstone of discovery, innovation, and is known for its durability and capability to evolve and adapt. Innovation based on natural solution(s) will ascertain downstream applications and utilization that is oriented toward the balance of nature and the increase of human longevity.

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