AgrapanaBio spearheads research and development initiatives focused on creating sustainable local products in two key regions: Siak in Riau district and Sintang in Kalimantan Barat district.
In Siak, AgrapanaBio investigates innovative solutions to harness the local ecosystem’s potential while preserving its ecological integrity. Through rigorous research and collaboration, AgrapanaBio develops sustainable practices and technologies for environmentally friendly product manufacturing.
In Sintang, AgrapanaBio leads efforts that unlock economic potentials while promoting conservation. Focusing on snakehead fish processing, AgrapanaBio pioneers’ techniques that enhance value while minimizing environmental impact. Tailored research and development empower local communities, promote economic growth, and preserve Indonesia’s natural heritage.

AgrapanaBio has developed an innovative Imunomodulator product derived from native Indonesian herbal raw materials. This composition is known as an immunomodulator and that has the unique ability to modulate the immune system by either augmenting or suppressing host responses. Categorized as immunostimulants, immunosuppressants, or immunoadjuvants, Agrapana’s Imunomodulator offers a natural and effective solution to support immune health.

AgrapanaBio is actively engaged in the development of nature-based cosmetic patents, leveraging the richness of natural resources and botanical ingredients found across Indonesia.
Through meticulous research and innovative formulation techniques, AgrapanaBio  creates cosmetic products that harness the power of nature to enhance beauty and promote skin health. By focusing on sustainable sourcing and eco-friendly manufacturing processes, AgrapanaBio seeks to lead the way in the cosmetics industry, offering consumers high-quality products that are both effective and are environmentally responsible.

AgrapanaBio leads in process design and development, specializing in the plantation of waste management through Environmental Biotechnology.
With projects in East Kalimantan, Bintan Island, and West Java, AgrapanaBio optimizes waste practices, minimizes environmental impact, and promotes circular economy principles.
By championing Environmental Biotechnology, AgrapanaBio drives sustainability and resilience in Indonesia’s plantation industry, fostering positive change for the environment and the future generations.

AgrapanaBio leads land restoration efforts using Environmental Biotechnology to rejuvenate marginal soils across Indonesia, including Bintan Island, Kei Besar Island, and Central and South Kalimantan.
By applying innovative approaches like microbiome communities and phytoremediation, AgrapanaBio rehabilitates degraded landscapes, enhances biodiversity, and promotes sustainable land use.
Through scientific expertise and community engagement, AgrapanaBio drives a positive change for Indonesia’s environment and future prosperity.

AgrapanaBio acts as a vital link between scientists and communities, fostering dialogue to promote eco-friendly practices such as chemical-free farming.
From Jakarta to various regions like West Java, Central Java, and beyond, AgrapanaBio empowers farmers with sustainable techniques, maximizing yields, and preservation of soil health.
Collaborations in Bintan Island and Bali, AgrapanaBio deepens the understanding of sustainable agriculture’s importance, contributing to food security and economic growth while enabling a positive change for Indonesia’s future.

AgrapanaBio implements targeted projects across West Sumatra, West Java, Central Java, Central Sulawesi, Central Kalimantan, and Kei Besar Island to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions in agricultural and livestock farming industries. Through tailored strategies like climate-smart agriculture and efficient waste management techniques, AgrapanaBio aims to reduce emissions while promoting sustainable practices, contributing to climate resilience and environmental sustainability across Indonesia.

AgrapanaBio is actively enhancing the production and quality of Indonesia’s antibiotic-free poultry industry, with strategic projects underway in both West Java and Central Java.
Collaborating closely with local farmers and industry stakeholders, AgrapanaBio is introducing innovative techniques and sustainable practices to promote antibiotic-free poultry production.
By leveraging cutting-edge technologies and data-driven insights, AgrapanaBio aims to optimize production processes, minimize disease risks, and elevate the overall quality of poultry products, fostering a culture of responsible poultry farming that prioritizes animal welfare and consumer safety.

AgrapanaBio has improved Indonesian agricultural products through Agroecology principles, focusing on the regions of West Java, West Sumatra, and Central Kalimantan.
Our collaboration with local farmers, AgrapanaBio optimizes crop yields, improves soil health, and minimizes environmental impact. By promoting techniques such as polyculture and permaculture farming and agroforestry, AgrapanaBio creates resilient agricultural systems while conserving biodiversity. Through Agroecology, AgrapanaBio drives a positive change, fostering sustainable livelihoods and ecological resilience across Indonesia.

AgrapanaBio enhances Indonesian agricultural products through Agroecology principles in the key regions of West Java, West Sumatra, and Central Kalimantan. Collaborating with local farmers, AgrapanaBio optimizes crop yields, improves soil health, and minimizes environmental impacts. Through initiatives such as polyculture and permaculture farming and agroforestry, AgrapanaBio fosters sustainable agricultural systems, promoting ecological resilience and livelihoods across Indonesia.

AgrapanaBio has developed strategies to enhance  the production, quality and value of Indonesia’s freshwater fisheries, with a focus on  West Sumatra. Our collaborations with  the local fisheries  and community stakeholders, AgrapanaBio is introducing innovative techniques and sustainable practices to optimize fishery management and promote the long-term health of the aquatic ecosystems. By leveraging scientific expertise and data-driven insights, AgrapanaBio aims to increase fish yields while safeguarding the ecological integrity of freshwater habitats, supporting both the livelihoods of local communities and the preservation of essential natural resources.

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