Our affiliation and their solution are based on the need to protect and preserve the peat ecosystem in Siak and surrounding zones to act as a carbon basin and prevent peat fires. There is a minimal practice in the cultivation of snakehead fish in the peatland media, however, our research demonstrates that a healthy peat ecosystem  improves the quality of snakehead fish and their albumin content. For example, our collaboration with HEAL Fisheries (www.alamsiaklestari.coms exploring innovative cultivation methods in peat conservation and canal blockage areas – originally designed simply to prevent peat drainage.

A company with sustainable business principles. This company conducts  research and development on the potential of local nature resources in Sintang to make them into valuable products. Their mission is to become a center for scientific and technological innovation in developing local nature based products, and they are also committed to preserving nature and improving the welfare of society.”

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